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The 200 km route

Departure at 9.00am on Thursday (Feast of the Ascension) 26th May 2022 to return no later than 75 hours after, at 12.00pm on Sunday 29th May 2020. There will be no forms of assistance (except possibly some sheltered places for sleeping)

The route will be divided into 11 stages.

The stages:

Km0-Chantonnay Km22-Mouchamps : Many long paths and small roads through countryside.
Km22-Mouchamps  Km33-Saint Fulgent :  A more interesting route through the Parc Soubise and La Tricherie.
Km33-Saint Fulgent  Km41-Bazoges en Paillers : Again the campaign.
Km41-Bazoges en Paillers  Km55-Saint Georges de Montaigu :  Valley of the Grande Maine and the lake of La Bultière.
Km55-Saint Georges de Montaigu   Km64-Montaigu : A picturesque crossing of Saint Georges de Montaigu.
Km64-Montaigu  Km77-Cugand : Still countryside by small roads, big ways but also paths on the end.
Km77-Cugand   Km83-Gétigné : U-turn in Clisson by paths and alleys
Km83-Gétigné   Km135-Malliève : Walking on country trails in the valley of La Sèvre.
Km135-Malliève   Km163-Pouzauges : through the hills of the Vendée at Les Epesses, Bois des Jarries, St. Michel Mt. Mercure and Bois de la Folie.
Km163-Pouzauges   Km183-La Pélissonière : Paths and trails around Le Boupère
Km183-La Pélissonière   Km200-Chantonnay : Return by mostly agricultural paths

Small roads 34%Crossing towns/ villages 6%
Wide paths 28%Hamlet crossings 5%
Narrow paths, trails 38%Hedgerow38%
Ponds, rivers and lakes 18%

The 120 km route

Departure at 3.00pm on Friday 27th May 2022, to return no later than 45hrs after at 12.00pm on Sunday 29th May 2022.
It follows the circuit 200Km to La Tricherie(Km30).
From there a 30Km “slipway” takes you to Les Epesses by Mesnard la Barotière, Les bois verts des Herbiers, la colline des Alouettes et le Puy du Fou.
From Les Epesses, the last 60Km are the same as for 200Km.


The 80 km route

Departure at 3.00pm on Saturday 28th May 2022, to return no later than 45hrs after at 12.00pm on Sunday 29th May 2022.
At the start, it follows the 120Km circuit over 38Km, up to The Bois Vert des Herbiers.
By a 21Km ramp, it descends to The Boupère via Ardelay and St Paul en Pareds.
From Le Boupère, it merges with the other circuits until the finish.


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