The 200km and 120km BMLD event in Chantonnay from Thursday 30th May to Sunday 2nd  June 2019

 These rules may be amended up until 1st May 2019.

Article 1 General

The association ” 4 Days of Walking in Chantonnay Vendée” (R4JCV), affiliated to the “French Federation of Hiking” (FFRP), has organised from 30th May 2019 to 2nd June 2019, two “Long Distance Walking Awards” (“BMLD”). The first, 200 km (“BMLD 200”) and the second, 120 km (“BMLD 120”). These are individual walking events without personal assistance on a planned but non signposted route.

Departure times :
The BMLD 200 is 9.00am Thursday 30th May 2019.
The BMLD 120 is 3.00pm Friday 31st May 2019 .
The arrival time is before 12.00pm Sunday 2nd June 2019 for both of the two Awards.
Participation in either of the awards requires the walker to be present 1hr 30mins before the actual time of departure.

Article 2 The participation conditions

This award is open to any walker regardless of gender and they must be over eighteen years of age on the day of the departure. They may or may not have a FFRP licence and must be covered by an accident insurance and civil responsibility policy. The walker must prove their physical fitness to the BMLD by one of the following 3 methods:

1-They must have a valid 2019 sports license which includes a medical examination dated after 1st November 2018.
They must show this license when submitting the application.
They must complete and print a “health questionnaire”. (click on the “QS-Sport Questionnaire” button, print and complete the document)
2-Or they must have a 2019 sports license which includes a medical examination before 1st November 2018.
2a-If the answer is “no” to all the questions in this questionnaire:
→ a 2019 license must be presented when submitting the application
→ the questionnaire must also be submitted to the organisers (in a closed envelope if they so wish).
2b-If the answer is  “yes” to one of the questions in the questionnaire
→ proceed to Point 3 below
3-In all other cases, a  medical certificate must be presented at the time of submission of the application, which verifies the ability to participate in the long-distance walking event dated 1st January 2019.

Article 3 Registration and Fees

The registration is to be completed by internet (it is not possible to register by mail). Registration by Internet commences on 1st January 2019 on the site, B.M.L.D. tab, heading  BMLD registration.

Upon receipt of the completed registration form, the organisers will send an acknowledgment of receipt by email and will detail the payment methods. Registration will only be validated after receipt of payment. All registration and payments must be completed by 23rd May 2019.
The fee is € 15 for the BMLD 200 and € 12 for the BMLD 120.
On-site registration is possible but not recommended as we will not be able to personalise the documents (control book and pass cards). However, time permitting the pre-registered walkers will have priority on arrival.

Article 4 Benefits

Registration entitles you to:
* the participation in the BMLD of Chantonnay 2019
* the control book and the pass cards
* the guidebook, the maps of the circuit and the GPS tracks
* a waterproof case for the topography-guide plus maps as well as a waterproof case for the control book and the pass cards
* 2 ” R4JCV neck lanyards
* the transfer of one small bag for the BMLD 120 or two small bags for the BMLD 200 at the control points
* the use of control points and validation of the award
* the posting by mail of the award after validation
* a drink and brioche at the start
* a meal tray on the arrival
* a shower on arrival
* a resting point on arrival

Article 5 Cancellation conditions

* Cancellation requested by email or mail before 1st May 2019, a refund of 50% of the registration fee will be given.
* Cancellation requested by mail with a medical certificate before 25th May 2019, a refund of 50% of the amount of the registration fee will be given
* In all other cases there will be no refund.

If the BMLD is cancelled by the R4JCV, all registered walkers will be fully refunded.

Article 6 Liability

Each walker is considered to be on a personal walk, therefore they must respect the rules of the road and the countryside. Participants must take all necessary measures to ensure their own personal safety at night. The association of 4 Days of Walking in Chantonnay Vendée cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur during this award.

Article 7 Departure Arrangements

Starting point address is: Chantonnay / Clemenceau Avenue / Clemenceau Gymnasium
For the BMLD 200: The walker must be present at 7.30am for formalities and verification of the application and at 8.15am for the briefing. The walker must be ready to depart at 8.55am for a 9.00am actual start from the Clemenceau Gymnasium.
For the BMLD 120: The walker must be present at 1.30pm for formalities and verification of the application and at 2.15pm for the briefing. The walker must be ready to depart at 2.55pm for an actual start at 3.00pm from the Clemenceau Gymnasium.

Article 8 Autonomy and Assistance

No helpers (by car, motorhome, bike etc…) are allowed, also no personal assistance is allowed. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the disqualification from the BMLD. In the event of a problem, i.e. fatigue, injury or in the case of retiring from the event, the walker must make their own arrangements to return to Chantonnay.
For other needs such as water, food, accommodation, the walker can use all the resources available on the route e.g. bars, restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, hotels, campsites, shelters etc…
Most of these resources and their location will be indicated in the guidebook.

Article 9 The route

The route is described by the organisers in the guidebook, maps and GPS trails.
The route can be modified at any time before the start of the award. Documents published on the internet are therefore provisional.
The walker must complete the entire route. If, for example, refreshment, rest or in the case of unforeseen acts of nature, the walker has to deviate from the route, it must be resumed at the point where they left. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification from the BMLD.

Article 10 Control points

The walkers pass will be regularly checked, approximately every 10 kilometres. The addresses of the control points are provided in the topography guide. It is the address of a resident on the route.
For each control point the walker will have a “pass card” indicating the identity of the walker and the address of the control point.
Please note, the walker will have to record their time of arrival on the pass card and then deposit this card in the corresponding letterbox (BAL). It will also be required to record this time of arrival in their “control book”.
If necessary, the letterbox will be made more visible by any suitable means.
If the letterbox is that of a trader, the walker may also give their pass card directly to the trader.
In addition to official control points, the organisers can also set up “hidden controls points”, supervised by a member of the organisation.

Any breach of a control point, official or hidden, will lead to disqualification from the BMLD.

Article 11 Timekeeping

The time allowed to complete the BMLD 200 is 75 hours and 45 hours for the BMLD 120.
For each control point, estimated times are indicated on the topography guide. They are calculated for a walker who walks nonstop for 24hrs. If the walker maintains a steady speed of 6km/hr, they will complete the course in the shortest time. The speed of 2.67km/hr will enable the walker to complete the course within the time allowance. These hours of completion are not obligatory but only suggestive.
Only arrival times are compulsory:
For the BMLD 200: At a walking speed of 6km/hr calculations indicate that for the BMLD 200, the earliest time of arrival is 33hrs and 40minutes after the start. This would mean that the arrival time would be at 6.20 pm on Friday 31st May 2019.
For the BMLD 120: At a walking speed of 6Km/hr, calculations indicate that for the BMLD 120, the earliest time of arrival is 20hrs after the start. This would mean that the arrival time would be at 11.00am on Saturday 1st June 2019.
Walkers who arrive after this time will still be expected to finish until 6.00pm Sunday 2nd June 2019.
Any walker arriving after 6.00pm on Sunday 2nd June 2019 will be considered as having withdrawn from the award.

Article 12 Arrival arrangements

The arrival venue will vary according to the time:
From 6.00pm to 12.00am and from 12.00am to 10.30am, arrival will be at Clemenceau Gymnasium (avenue Clemenceau)
From 10.30am to 6.00pm arrival will be at Clemenceau Park.
Suitable signposting will be in place to indicate the finish.
On arrival, the walker will hand in their control book which must include the times of arrival at all the control points, official or hidden.
The walker will be offered a meal tray, a shower and a rest room ( no beds provided )

Article 13: Obligations and results

In the days following the BMLD, the organisers will collect all the control cards from the control points. After a thorough examination of these cards and control books and if everything is in order, they will receive the BMLD award. If there are any discrepancies the award will not be issued. The validated control book will be returned by mail to the walker. It will confirm the achievement of the BMLD award.
The organisers will publish on the internet ( the list of all walkers who have successfully achieved their BMLD.
As the BMLD is not a competition, no times will be published.

Article 14: Abandonment and delay

The walker is the only person who can decide to retire from the event. In this case, they must undertake to inform the organisers by a phone number that will be issued at the time of the briefing.
The organisers may also withdraw a walker who is obviously no longer able to reach the finish in the time allowed.

Article 15 Baggage transfer

The organisation will allow each walker to carry one or two small pieces of luggage (maximum 5 kg) which can be handed in at the “control points” on the route.
For the BMLD 200 there will be two of these. The first will be at the control point at 80 kms and the second at the control point of 140kms.
For the BMLD 120 there will only be one available at the 60 km control point.
The exact position of these control points will be indicated during the briefing.
The organisers decline all responsibility regarding the content or condition of the luggage bags.

Article 16 Attitude, Environment

Each walker must be respectful to other persons that they may meet and also to their environment.  Walkers must provide bags to carry their own personal waste. The topography guide will show the location of public bins available on the route.

Article 17 Use of personal data

The  BMLD walker must accept that their identity will be published in the results.
It also authorises the organisation to freely use their images taken during the event.
The organisers undertake not to forward any personal data to a third party.

Article 18 Acceptance of Settlement, Claims

Registering and starting at the departure of the award implies on the part of the walker, the unreserved acceptance of the regulations.
Before their departure, each walker must approve and accept these regulations with a signature.
In the event of disqualification from the event, and only in case of disqualification, the walker may submit a complaint to the organisers, either verbally upon arrival, or by mail before Wednesday 5th June 2019. They will then be informed of the follow-up procedure for their complaint.

Article 19 Amendments

The R4JCV reserves the right to modify these rules to take into account unforeseen situations.


Phone: 06 50 22 84 17 (André V., responsible for the BMLD within R4JCV)

R4JCV MAIRIE of Chantonnay 85110 CHANTONNAY


To register, do not use the procedure suggested below (for the daily walks) but select, in the B.M.L.D. tab, under the heading BMLD Registration